Sunday, July 8, 2012

Passion 2013

So, maybe you've seen the banner on the side of this blog that looks a lot like the one above.  Maybe you are wondering, what is this Passion thing anyway?   Well, on the Passion 2013 website under "Story", it says, "Passion is more than a conference. More than an event. More than a feeling. Passion is you and me saying goodbye to lesser things and saying yes to the One whose name is above every name."  

At the Passion Conference, we will hear speakers including Louie Giglio and Francis Chan.  We will worship the Lord with Christian musicians like Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels.  (They even record a Live CD!).   Hopefully, every person at Passion will come back changed, and on fire for Jesus!  

The Passion Conference takes place at the Georgia Dome.  (If you see somewhere something that says, "Headed to the Dome", it probably means that person is going to Passion 2013!).  It is a conference mainly for university aged people, but they let in a limited number of high school seniors and a limited number of adult leaders.  (Also, those over 25 years old can volunteer).  It starts on January 1, 2013, and will end on January 4, 2013. 

I'm headed to the dome!  Are you?  There will be tens of thousands of people there!  Will you be one of them?  Check it out at